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Our customers tend to favor granite, quartz, marble and recycled glass


Granite is often chosen for its look in kitchens and bathrooms. Because it’s a natural stone, each piece is unique.

Granite is also known for being heat, dent and scratch resistant, and with proper minimal care, will last for many years.


Quartz shares many of granite’s practical qualities. It’s stylish, durable and requires very little maintenance to keep it in top shape. Quartz is also resistant to stains, scratches, heat, and impact, and will last for many years given proper care.


Marble is a popular choice for high-end kitchen designs, mainly because of its natural beauty. It isn’t quite as durable as granite or quartz, but it shares their quality of  heat-resistance. With a little buffing, minor scratches and nicks can be removed.


Recycled glass is becoming popular in kitchen designs where the owner wants a sleek and modern look. Its non-porous surface is heat and stain resistant, and it is very easy to keep clean. It’s also the “greenest”, fabricated from recyclable materials such as glass bottles, automobile windshields, skyscraper window panels, and more.

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